About Zeebar Technology Services, Inc.

We are a small technology consulting firm based on the Canadian west coast, providing clients world wide with custom software solutions and technical advice.

We have written oodles of web-ish code, network services, test rigs, and utilities in the past, and can probably help you with yours.

We welcome a good challenge and we are always looking for fun technology projects, especially well defined short term ones involving information design that falls outside the usual box.

If your software project is not well defined, then maybe we can help you with that, too! Few things please us more than working ourselves out of a job.

About zeebar.com


This web site exists to help us communicate with the public was well as our clients. Much of its contents is available to the general (anonymous) public, but we will ask you to identify your human self before accessing certain services or content on this site.


We value the privacy of our clients and readers. We will not share information we may have about you unless we are compelled to (by law), or unless you have given your prior informed consent.