setting up Thonny on Linux Mint 19
some pointers no how to set up recent thonny on mint for esp development
Canada Open Data effort: the case for Open Data
the challenges and benefits of open data
ESP32Thing only loads with Reset-Boot on OS/X? Try a new USB driver!
the sparkfun esp32thing really does require a recent USB driver
ESP32 ledc channel bank semantics gotcha
ESP32 ledc timer channels for high and low frequency banks have some subtle differences
Ruby/rbenv under FreeBSD
setting up freebsd for ruby development, or: we can bring FreeBSD to Google, but can Google being gcloud services to FreeBSD?
google search completion as a window to the collective mind
google search completion has a to teach us about what is going on in the world around us
anagrams for canadian province and territory names
fun with canadian place names
Apple sudoes legalese
WAT: apple osx developer tools require super user power in order to agree to license terms
Net-Worm.PHP.Mongiko.a got you? Really, are you sure??
this is new: email spam to trigger hosting companies to get their clients panicked sys admins to install root back doors
tiny 3.1 development on osx
notes on developing software for the tiny 3.1 microcontroller on osx
Prime Factor Visualization
making the nature of numbers accesible in a rich and playful using web based UIs
rabbitmq freebsd install
rabbitmq install on freebsd10
using spec to test a validator
how to test a custom rails validator using rspec
open source... appliance?
Samsung embraces open source for upscale appliances
small lessons in user experience
new cable box is being helpful; if only somebody had thought this through
missing connection timeout defaults can make amqp bunnies cranky
recent versions of rabbitamqp may require Bunny clients to specify a heartbeat value
sunspot solr in rails4 production
one way to pave over recent sunspot solr configuration changes
SketchUp 2014 release moves to ruby 2.0
skechup finally catches up with recent ruby releases
Heat Map Animation with Java2D
visualization of domain browser traffic using Java2D
DTMF Detection
DTMF Detection for poor audio samples
Web Control of Modtronix IOR5E Relays
how to configure and use the Modtronix IOR5E networked relay board as a crontab driven sprinkler via HTTP API
Testing Software
you only need to test the bits you want to see work in the end
missing runtime library path breaks execjs and coffescript in production setting
execjs cannot find the right JavaScript implementations unless runtime paths are set
nginx/passenger/rails needs extra path to make some gems work
missing runtime paths can break some gems in production environments
mysql2 gem not installing under MacOSX 10.7.5? Try sym-linking /usr/local/mysql
sym-linking /usr/local/mysql to your brew cellar might fix your mysql gem install
Simple Browser Based Architectural WYSIWUG
Simple Browser Based Architectural WYSIWUG
Phone Mnemonics
DialABC web site connects phone numbers to words
Information Design
The Development Process
some thoughts on what makes a development project work
Exploding my Mac with the best of intentions
How my desire to play it safe costs me a lot of time... again
USB Cams coming to life under FreeBSD9 (8?)
recent improvements in webcamd and user space usb divers allow FreeBSD to use stock USB web cams
More on the Evil of Pie Charts
yet another application for which pie charts are not exactly the best choice