anagrams for canadian province and territory names

fun with canadian place names

I just just heard Sheryl MacKay on North By Northwest (CBC Radio) talk about anagrams of Canadian province names. Only Ontario and Nova Scotia have single word anagrams.

It just so happens I wrote this web based super fast Anagram finder ages ago, and at the very least, I should offer some multi-word anagrams for those multi-word province names:

Nova scotia:
* avian scoot

New brunswick:
* buns win wreck

British Columbia:
* humoristical bib
* uralitic Hobbism
* Hobart's umbilici
* bismuthic bailor
* author biblicism

Prince Edward Island:
* arsenic prawn diddle
* dried Iceland prawns
* inner spade wildcard
* dried drawn pelicans
* Nd dieldin Spacewar
* Sprawled acid dinner

Newfoundland and labrador:
* abandon landward flounder
* unfolded warlord bandanna

Northwest Territories
*Sinister otter thrower

and then there a a few more funny multi word anagrams for single word province names:

* main boat
* moam bait
* ain't a mob

* oat iron

* quec be (Catalan for "be Bittern", according to Google Translate)

* ashcan tweaks
* neat hacksaws

* ale brat
* teal bra

* NW of duneland
* fond lawn nude

* boar lard
* Arab lord
* oral bard

but why stop there?

Stephen Harper:
* perhaps nether
* panther herpes
* rhaphe serpent
* papen thresher

Thomas Mulcair:
* ultra machismo
* mocha muralist
* couth alarmism
* micro thalamus

Justin Trudeau:
* unsuited jurat
* Urdu jute saint
* juttied Uranus
* true Judas unit

Gilles Duceppe:
* celled guppies
* spicule pledge
* spiced gull pee
* gulped eclipse
* Cupid sleep gel
* pledge lip cues

Elizabeth May:
* hazy Tamil bee
* hazel may bite
* ahem yea blitz
* blah maze yeti

north by north west:
* thy brownest north
* thorny newts broth
* twenty horn throbs
* hornby troth newts
* Betsy thrown north